This is what all the creativity gurus say…You can either have drama in your life or you can do the work you need to do. Drama and work are mutually exclusive.

Oh, how true it is. All those feelings of anger, of frustration, of self pity. All those stories in my head of ‘How did they say this to me? How can they? I’m going to tell them this next time. And then they will say this. And I will retaliate this way. And they will do that to me. how horrible! How can anyone be that way?’ all over somebody telling me to get my act together! What a waste of creativity which achieves absolutely nothing except a wallow in self pity.

Whenever I’m upset, if I can somehow think about this, I m suddenly all right. After all, I do want to do stuff, make stuff, create stuff and be happy – not indulge in drama and be sad and melancholy and dramatic!


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