Routines – Web Links

So here you go! Lots of links below on the good and bad of routines. Of course, reading these links over time is what has influenced my thinking on routines and rituals.

Zen Habits

Tips to Establish a Morning and Evening Routine –

A simplified morning Routine –

A day in the life of a minimalist (or no routine) –

Zen Habits – How to Deal with Routine Disruptions –

Brain Pickings

Daily Routines of famous Writers –

Brain pickings – How we spend our days is how we spend our lives –

The Happiness Project – Think About your routines –

The Happiness project – Why I try to some things everyday –

QuickSprout – 10 lessons from Seth Godin –

Seth Godin – Habits, Making and Breaking –

Seth Godin – Why are you afraid of process –

Vimeo – Seth Godin talk ‘Backwards’ by ‘Creative Mornings’ –


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