From my Pocket – Mid December edition

Here are 5 links which have inspired me, made me think, made me wonder last month.

1. When Peace Goes Away, it Doesn’t Make a Sound by David at Raptitude
The connection between paying attention and reacting positivel,peacefully to the annoyances around us.

2. A Peter Corollary by Seth Godin
On upward mobility in today’s organizations and its relation to self confidence.

3. How To Do What You Love by Paul Graham
Relation between ‘work’ and ‘play’ and how the definition is all messed up and what to do about it.

4. What’s the Point, If We Can’t have Fun? by Robert Wringham at The New Escapologist
Need for fun.

5. The Art of Richard Thompson – A Vimeo video by GVI James Clear
An amazing, moving video on the cartoonist Richard Thompson. Found this link on The Online Photographer

6. Writer as Coder: The Iterative Way to Write a Book by Leo Babauta
A very interesting perspective on a way of writing books – inspired by softwrae development methodologies.

Hope you enjoy the links!


From my pocket
Live everybody, I subscribe to quite a many blogs, read many articles online and bookmark some of them using Pocket. This once-a-month series is a list of links in the past month which have stayed with me, resonated with me or entertained me. Basically, an eclectic mix of whatever-caught-my-fancy links.



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