The emptiness within

The emptiness within – is not big. Just like a small pail. Which needs, really needs to be just about halfway full. But the pail’s bottom has been cut off. And so however much you channel to this pail, however much trickles in here, it never gets full.

It’s not earth shaking – this emptiness. It does not ruin everything or cause life to stand still. But it never lets you rest in peace either. Whatever happens however happy the situation, the event is masked in gray, just a bit – but enough for you to notice it. You settle down and are calm and this empty pail hints at you ever so slightly – that it wants to be filled up, just about half way is ok. Can you not do that? This little thing?

How do you go about life like this? You can never ignore that pail. It’s consistent cries for help, it’s very smallness, it’s very reasonable request makes it such that you cannot ignore it. But then you can never satisfy it’s request either – the bottom has been cut off and you can’t reach in to replace the bottom or the pail….and it can’t grow back.


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