Finite and Infinite Games – book review

This book was recommended by Jane McGonigal on the podcast with Tim Ferriss. This had been on my to-read shelf for a while . I was pleased to find it on Scribd and give it a read.

This book was quite dense. I enjoyed the beginning and found much to learn, much that resonated and much that I highlighted. But the book became steadily denser – and as I finished the book, I am left with the feeling that I maybe really ‘got’ a tenth of the book. Towards the end, I found the tone weirdly preachy – weird because the author does not preach in words, but the tone comes across as preachy.

Would I recommend this book ? Absolutely. But only if you don’t mind some dense reading, and actually are interested in the subject matter.

Well what is it about – About finite and infinite games and what are they, and about how everything we do falls in these categories

What I learnt from the book – A new perspective. Those who are forced to play cannot truly play. And that an infinite game is played to continue playing with one another, the end points do not matter, the winning, losing isn’t the point. I have been trying to look at all I do through this point of view and it has been very revealing of the motivations of what I do.

ScribdFinite and Infinite Games on Scribd
Amazon (kindle and paperback) – Finite and Infinite Games
Public Library – Check here to see if it’s available in your public library.


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