March 2016 Reading Log

Here is my reading log from March 2016. I was back to my usual reading of so much fiction.

I have two recommendations from this month.

  1. The first is the audio book I listened to while driving Goals: Setting And Achieving Them On Schedule by Zig Ziglar. This is the first time I am reading or listening to anything by Zig. After getting used to his accent, I really enjoyed this audio book. It left me energized, charged up and I did achieve a lot at work. This is one book I would recommend listening over reading (OMG! Did I actually write that?). Do get it from your library and give it a listen.
  2. The next is fiction – Steampunk short stories from South East Asia to be precise of the genre, I read on Scribd. The book The SEA is Ours by Jaymee Goh (Editor), Joyce Chng (Editor) was recommended via The Tungsten Hippo. My favorite story was “The Last Aswang” – Alessa Hinlo. I hope you enjoy it too.


The rest of the books I read are below.

march 2016 Reading Log

You can find all my previous Reading logs here


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